Introduction is a dedicated recruitment firm having expertise in fresh talent acquisition. We are team combination of professional Knowledge, industry experience and domain expertise in different sector. We are a young company and have grown rapidly as a dynamic organization - continually interacting with our clients to improve our processes and performance on one hand; continually expanding our capacity as a team in qualitative as well as quantitative terms, on the other. We act as your ambassadors on client behalf.

We provides clients a fresh, honest, confidential, ethical & passionate approach to what is a highly complex, at times stressful and critically important people management role.

We find the right people to meet clients needs, we provide the highest levels of service and we stand by our results. Our vision is to lead our market through reputation and results. This means that we want to be best in our field.

The basic philosophy that revolves around our work culture and all business operations is our belief in the ability of people. Working on this philosophy, we have always striven hard to unite The Right Kind of People with the Right Kind of Job.


Services To Corporate

Service quality is our top priority, therefore we have adopted those practices & methodologies which ensure timely and successful entry level search. We utilize in depth knowledge and do comprehensive research in providing clients the best solution.

Campus Hiring Solution: A concept which aims at providing a complete life cycle of recruitment process management & support for the corporate to attract & hire fresh talent and reaching out directly to the target candidates & institutes.

Our Campus Hiring Solution is designed with the objective of finding suitable individuals for our client with unique skills and qualification and to provide the entry level recruitment service.

We offer the following set of services(End To End Services) under the Fresher Level: